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Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model

The Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model (GLEAM) is a spatially explicit life cycle assessment model for the livestock sector. Using input […]

NDC Interim Registry: Official registry maintained by the UNFCCC of Parties’ Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Agreement

This website is home to submitted Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in accordance with Article 4, paragraph 12 of the Paris […]

COMET-Farm: Whole Farm and Ranch Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Accounting System

COMET-Farm is a farm-level carbon and greenhouse gas accounting system and calculator for the United States. It uses information on […]

Handbook of Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification for a Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Project with Water Management in Irrigated Rice Paddies

This handbook aims to inform researchers and policymakers engaged or interested in the development and implementation of MRV (monitoring, reporting, […]

Ex-Ante Carbon-Balance Tool for Measurements, Reporting and Verification (EX-ACT MRV): Guidelines

This manual provides guidance for using the Ex-Ante Carbon-balance Tool for MRV. The manual presents the rationale of the tool […]

Introduction to MRV process and cross-cutting issues

Webinar outlining the MRV process for developing country Parties covering some cross-cutting issues, including institutional arrangements and integrating gender in […]

Climate Action Reserve: Nitrogen Management Project Protocol

This Climate Action Reserve (CAR) protocol accounts for changes in nitrous oxide emissions from projects that reduce the rate of […]

Medición, reporte y verificación de las emisiones de GEI de la ganadería de países en desarrollo de la UNFCCC: prácticas actuales y oportunidades de mejora

Este informe ofrece una visión general de las prácticas, desafíos y oportunidades actuales en la medición, reporte y veri cación […]

Making trees count: Measurement, reporting and verification of agroforestry under the UNFCCC

About half of developing countries express ambition to use agroforestry—the integration of trees with crops, livestock and other non-forest timber […]

Bringing Harmony to GHG MRV

This document introduces the a GHG MRV Harmonization approach developed by the USAID Resources to Advance LEDS Implementation (RALI) project. Countries […]