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Emissions Data

Standard Assessment of Agricultural Mitigation Potential and Livelihoods (SAMPLES) is a global research program that aims to improve agricultural emissions data around the world. SAMPLES addresses the dearth of reliable information about greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in tropical countries.

The emissions database hosted on SAMPLES houses emission factors and associated metadata from greenhouse gas measurements in agricultural systems

Visit the SAMPLES database

What you can do with the database
  • Download site-specific emission factors and associated agroecological data for use in greenhouse gas accounting or inventories.
  • Find links and contact information to access full datasets for use in biogeochemical modeling
  • Share data from your own research
Sharing your data

We encourage anyone conducting greenhouse gas measurements from agricultural systems to upload their data to the database. Generally, only published data are accepted. To add your data to the database, please use the Microsoft Excel® data entry workbook. Before entering data, please read the instructions on the yellow “background” tab.

Completed data entry workbooks should be sent to Ciniro Costa Jr. The database team will then work with you to resolve any questions or issues related to data content or formatting before uploading your data. By providing data, you agree to have this data made freely available to database users.

Download the SAMPLES data input template

Terms for using the SAMPLES database

Information in this database is freely available to the public for use in research or other purposes. Data from CCAFS research are made available according to the CCAFS Data Ownership and Sharing Agreement.

Please acknowledge data providers in any products or publications that have used data from this database, using the journal citation associated with the data. If no citation is provided, please contact the data provider.

CCAFS, CGIAR scientists and collaborators have made all efforts to ensure the accuracy of emission factors and associated data in this database. However complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and anyone using the SAMPLES database agrees to hold all parties involved in the production and distribution of these data harmless for damages resulting from their use or interpretation.