American Carbon Registry: Grazing Land and Livestock Management Methodology

Sadie S

The American Carbon Registry (ACR) has approved this GHG offset methodology for Grazing Land and Livestock Management (GLLM). This methodology is applicable to beef and dairy production across the globe. It ensures the “complete, consistent, transparent, accurate and conservative quantification of GHG emission reductions associated with a GLLM project”. It focuses on primary GHG sources, sinks and reservoirs (SSRs) impacted by beef and dairy production and provides accounting modules for each of the following components of beef and dairy production: enteric methane, manure methane, nitrous oxide from fertilizer use, fossil fuel emissions, and biotic sequestration in above- and below-ground biomass and soils. Current versions of this methodology are available on the webpage.

Tim Pearson, Nancy Harris, Nicholas Martin, Lauren Nichols, Jonathan Winsten, Jenn Holthaus, and Gustavo Cruz


Winrock International & The American Carbon Registry