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GHG Mitigation in Rice Information Kiosk

The GHG Mitigation in Rice Information Kiosk is a communication tool for information on greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation options […]

Evidence for Resilient Agriculture (ERA)

Evidence for Resilient Agriculture (ERA) platform provides access to data and tools designed to target which agricultural technologies work where. […]

SAMPLES website

SAMPLES is a global research program of CCAFS that provides guidance for measuring GHG emissions and carbon storage in smallholder […]

NDC Climate Toolbox

The NDC Toolbox Navigator is a searchable database of tools, guidance, and advisory support to help countries implement their NDCs […]

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) methodologies for agriculture

CDM provides methodologies for: Rice cultivation Livestock Manure management Fertilizer management Mulching These methodologies are intended for monitoring of CDM […]

COMET-Farm: Whole Farm and Ranch Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Accounting System

COMET-Farm is a farm-level carbon and greenhouse gas accounting system and calculator for the United States. It uses information on […]

Livestock Activity Data Guidance (L-ADG): Methods and guidance on compilation of activity data for Tier 2 livestock GHG inventories

The Livestock Activity Data Guidance (L-ADG) provides practical methods for countries to estimate the activity data used to compile livestock […]

GSOC MRV Protocol

The GSOC MRV Protocol is a protocol for measurement, monitoring, reporting and verification of soil organic carbon in agricultural landscapes.  […]

A framework for identifying country-specific MRV improvement needs in the livestock sector: Lessons from Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria

This report summarizes the results of consultations, assessment and prioritization of measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) needs with stakeholders in […]

Agro-Chain Greenhouse Gas Emissions (ACE) calculator

The Agro-Chain Greenhouse Gas Emissions (ACE) calculator is a tool for estimating total GHG emissions associated with a food product. […]

How to measure, report and verify soil carbon change to realise the potential of soil carbon sequestration for atmospheric greenhouse gas removal

Excerpt from summary In this paper we review methods and challenges of measuring SOC change directly in soils, before examining […]

Finalized methods by sector (Australia)

The Australian Government’s Department of the Environment and Energy has compiled a compendium of approved methodologies for estimating GHG impacts […]

Overseer tool

A free to use tool developed for use in New Zealand. It can be used to calculate farm nutrient budgets […]

Environmental performance of pig supply chains: Guidelines for assessment

The methodology developed in these draft guidelines aims to introduce a harmonized international approach to the assessment of the environmental […]

Standardized Baseline for Methane Emissions from Rice Cultivation in the Republic of the Philippines

This document provides a detailed framework for a standardized baseline in rice cultivation in the agriculture section in the Republic […]

Case study: Country inventory (Austria)

This case study describes the countries approach to inventory compilation for livestock methane emissions. Livestock included: dairy and non-dairy cattle, […]

Climate Action Reserve: Nitrogen Management Project Protocol

This Climate Action Reserve (CAR) protocol accounts for changes in nitrous oxide emissions from projects that reduce the rate of […]

Prediction of enteric methane production, yield, and intensity in dairy cattle using an intercontinental database

This open-access article reports on a study to compare different approaches to predicting methane emissions from dairy cattle (e.g., using […]

Summary of the Resource Efficiency Programme for Brazil’s Beef Supply Chain

This paper explores two existing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems in Kenya’s dairy sector to investigate the extent to which […]

A new approach for improving emission factors for enteric methane emissions of cattle in smallholder systems of East Africa Results for Nyando, Western Kenya

This study developed an alternative methodology based on animal energy requirements derived from field measurements of live weight, live weight […]

Biological nitrification inhibition by Brachiaria grasses mitigates soil nitrous oxide emissions from bovine urine patches

This study investigated higher biological nitrification inhibition occurrence resulting from bovine urine patches. Researchers used field plots of two tropical […]

Simple and robust algorithms to estimate liveweight in African smallholder cattle

This study examined data sets from three genetically diverse cattle populations in sub-Saharan Africa to develop new algorithms with lower […]

The Gold Standard Methodology on Increasing Soil Carbon Through Improved Tillage Practices

This methodology was developed by Gold Standard for accounting for changes in soil organic carbon (SOC). It is applicable to projects […]

Tracking adaptation in agricultural sectors: Climate change adaptation indicators

Outlines a framework and methodology for tracking adaptation in the agricultural sector at a national level. Reviews existing approaches for […]

CCAFS Report: Measurement, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock: current practices and opportunities for improvement

This report provides an overview of current practices, challenges and opportunities in the measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of livestock […]

Climate Action Reserve: Grassland Project Protocol

This Climate Action Reserve (CAR) protocol quantifies avoided GHG emissions by perpetual conservation of grassland (i.e. avoided conversion of grassland […]

UNFCCC Small-Scale Methodology: Methane recovery in animal manure management systems (AMS-III.D)

This methodology covers project activities replacing or modifying anaerobic animal manure management systems in livestock farms for methane recovery and […]

The Integrated Farm System Model

The Integrated Farm System Model (IFSM) is a detailed farm-level process-based model for estimating nutrient flows and GHG emissions in […]

The Dairy Gas Emissions Model (DairyGEM)

The Dairy Gas Emissions Model is a calculator of GHG emissions from dairy systems based on US practices and conditions. […]

Methods for measuring greenhouse gas balances and evaluating mitigation options in smallholder agriculture

This open-source book provides best-practice guidance on MRV in smallholder agriculture, including methodologies for measuring methane emissions from ruminants. It […]

Greenhouse gas emissions and fossil energy use from small ruminant supply chains: Guidelines for assessment

The methodology developed in these draft guidelines aims to introduce a harmonized international approach to the assessment of the environmental […]

Environmental performance of animal feeds supply chains: Guidelines for assessment

The methodology developed in these draft guidelines aims to introduce a harmonized international approach to the assessment of the environmental […]

Greenhouse gas emissions and fossil energy use from poultry supply chains: Guidelines for assessment

This report presents methodology for quantification of greenhouse gas emissions and fossil energy use of poultry products, including information on […]

GreenFeed standard operating procedure

The GreenFeed Standard Operating Procedure was developed for the use of the GreenFeed system. GreenFeed is a nonintrusive system for […]

Recent advances in measurement and dietary mitigation of enteric methane emissions in ruminants

The aim of this review is to discuss different CH4 measuring and mitigation technologies, which have been recently developed. Some […]

Climate Action Reserve: Mexico Livestock Project Protocol

This Climate Action Reserve (CAR) protocol provides a methodology for accounting for emission reductions from biogas control projects that capture […]

AMS-III.F.: Avoidance of methane emissions through composting

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) methodology for avoidance of methane emissions through composting. This methodology is applicable to the composting of the […]

Milking the data: Measuring milk off-take in extensive livestock systems – Experimental evidence from Niger

This paper presents results from a validation exercise implemented in Niger, where alternative survey instruments based on recall methods were […]

Effect of dietary nitrate level on enteric methane production, hydrogen emission, rumen fermentation, and nutrient digestibility in dairy cows

Nitrate may lower methane production in ruminants by competing with methanogenesis for available hydrogen in the rumen. This study evaluated […]

Comparison of methods to determine methane emissions from dairy cows in farm conditions

This paper compares two methods of direct measurement (spot sampling) of methane emissions (sniffer and flux methods) from dairy cattle. […]

Australian ERF: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in milking cows through feeding dietary additives

This methodology involves the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from milking cows by feeding them a dietary supplement that […]

Australian ERF: Fertiliser use efficiency in irrigated cotton

This methodology provides landowners the opportunity to earn Australian Carbon Credits for emission reductions from improving the use efficiency of synthetic […]

Comparison and reliability of techniques to estimate live cattle body weight

This study examined five techniques of estimating live cattle body weight in order to identify the most reliable technique for […]

Smallholder Agriculture Monitoring and Baseline Assessment Tool (SHAMBA)

The Smallholder Agriculture Monitoring and Baseline Assessment (SHAMBA) tool is a methodology and calculation tool to assess changes in greenhouse […]

Nitrous oxide chamber methodology guidelines version 1.1

This document presents detailed technical guidelines on using respiration chambers to measure N2O emissions, e.g. from pasture manure deposition. Each […]

Climate-Smart Agriculture Prioritization Framework

CSA-PF aims to guide stakeholders in optimizing national and sub-national agricultural planning, by providing methods for: Identifying promising CSA practices […]

Open Foris Collect Earth

Collect Earth is a tool that enables data collection through Google Earth. In conjunction with Google Earth, Bing Maps and […]

Australian ERF: Destruction of methane generated from dairy manure in covered anaerobic ponds

This methodology includes capture and combustion of methane biogas generated by dairy manure decomposition in effluent ponds. The methane contained […]

Methodology to Reduce Enteric Methane Emissions in Beef Cattle using Organic or Natural Feed Supplements

This is a proposed method that has not been formally adopted and is focused on quantifying emission reductions of beef […]

Australian ERF: Destruction of methane generated from manure in piggeries

This methodology involves the capture of methane produced by the decomposition of manure from piggeries in covered anaerobic lagoons and […]