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SAMPLES website

SAMPLES is a global research program of CCAFS that provides guidance for measuring GHG emissions and carbon storage in smallholder […]

NDC Climate Toolbox

The NDC Toolbox Navigator is a searchable database of tools, guidance, and advisory support to help countries implement their NDCs […]

COMET-Farm: Whole Farm and Ranch Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Accounting System

COMET-Farm is a farm-level carbon and greenhouse gas accounting system and calculator for the United States. It uses information on […]

The Cool Farm Tool

The Cool Farm Tool is a farm-level GHG emissions calculator that integrates both crop and livestock systems by quantifying on-farm […]

Finalized methods by sector (Australia)

The Australian Government’s Department of the Environment and Energy has compiled a compendium of approved methodologies for estimating GHG impacts […]

Overseer tool

A free to use tool developed for use in New Zealand. It can be used to calculate farm nutrient budgets […]

Standardized Baseline for Methane Emissions from Rice Cultivation in the Republic of the Philippines

This document provides a detailed framework for a standardized baseline in rice cultivation in the agriculture section in the Republic […]

Climate Action Reserve: Nitrogen Management Project Protocol

This Climate Action Reserve (CAR) protocol accounts for changes in nitrous oxide emissions from projects that reduce the rate of […]

Case study: Country inventory (Austria)

This case study describes the countries approach to inventory compilation for livestock methane emissions. Livestock included: dairy and non-dairy cattle, […]

Prediction of enteric methane production, yield, and intensity in dairy cattle using an intercontinental database

This open-access article reports on a study to compare different approaches to predicting methane emissions from dairy cattle (e.g., using […]