Biological nitrification inhibition by Brachiaria grasses mitigates soil nitrous oxide emissions from bovine urine patches

Sadie S

This study investigated higher biological nitrification inhibition occurrence resulting from bovine urine patches. Researchers used field plots of two tropical forage grass cultivars. The study quantified nitrification rates, amoA gene copy numbers of ammonia oxidizing archaea, and denitrification potential. Additionally, N2O emissions and water patches were monitored over a 29-day period. Researchers conclude that tropical forage grasses with high BNI capacity play a key role in mitigating N2O emissions from bovine urine patches in archaea-dominated soils.

Byrnes R, Nùñez J, Arenas L, Rao I, Trujillo C, Alvarez C, Arango J, Rasche F, Chirinda N


Soil Biology and Biochemsitry