Toolkit for non-Annex I Parties on establishing and maintaining institutional arrangements for preparing national communications and biennial update reports

Sadie S

This toolkit, developed on the basis of the CGE training materials, aims to assist non-Annex I Parties in establishing and maintaining the most suitable national institutional arrangements to meet the enhanced reporting requirements for their national communications and BURs, in terms of the quality of the content and the frequency of submission. The toolkit provides an overview for the reporting requirements under the Convention for Parties, highlights the importance of the institutional arrangements in meeting the reporting requirements, provides the key elements and considerations for establishing and sustaining the efficient functioning of institutional arrangements, contains best practices and lessons learned by non-Annex I Parties in preparing and submitting their national communications which are relevant and beneficial for the reporting process and provides an overview of what could be reported on institutional arrangements in BURs.



United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Bonn, Germany. Mitigation, Data, and Analysis Program (MDA)