The contribution of agriculture, forestry and other land use activities to global warming, 1990–2012

Sadie S

This study examines the contribution of the agriculture, forestry, and other land-use activities to anthropogenic emissions. Findings confirm that the share of emissions from these activities to the total anthropogenic total have declined over time. This paper looks at the emissions from subsectors between 1990 and 2012, analyzing trends and providing results to further inform the current climate policy debate on land use.

Tubiello F, Salvatore Mm Ferrara A, House J, Federici S, Rossi S, Biancalani R, Golec R, Jacobs H, Flammini A, Prosperi P, Cardenas-Galindo P, Schmidhuber J, Sanz Sanchez M, Srivastava N, Smith P


Journal: Global Change Biology