Source-selective and Emission-adjusted greenhouse gas CalculaTOR for cropland (SECTOR) tool

Sadie S

SECTOR is a Greenhouse Gas Calculator for cropland based on the IPCC Tier 2 approach for rice and other crops. The tool is currently available as an EXCEL file and requires inputs on crop area, yield, and management. SECTOR was developed in response to increasing interest in mitigation research on cropland, particularly rice production. It is flexible in terms of entering emission factors, easy data transfer from crop statistics for entering activity data and specifications of GHG management scenarios. Several example templates are available for free download for users to test the tool in EXCEL. The article Introducing a new tool for greenhouse gas calculation tailored for cropland: rationale, operational framework and potential application, is an assessment of the new tool and its applications.

SECTOR is still under review for publication. Some files are password-protected; the tool and all supporting material will be made available once the manuscript has been published.

Wassmann R, Pasco R, Zerrudo J, Bach Thi Vo T

Metro Manila, Philippines: International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)