Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle

Sadie S

This report discusses dry matter intake, including factors that affect intake and methods of predicting it, animal’s diet, environment, and physiological makeup, relevant management issues, and equations for predicting dry matter intake. The report address energy, including information pertaining to energy requirements, lactation, activity, and pregnancy as well as tissue mobilization and repletion and the effects of environment. Digestibility and energy values of fat are also discussed. A comprehensive review of carbohydrates is reviewed as well as all aspects of protein and amino acid nutrition. Requirements for macrominerals and trace minerals, and information on toxic minerals are also included in the report. Other topics, such as vitamins, metabolism, nutrition and nutrition requirements, feed chemistry and processing, lactation of small- and large breed cows, and evaluation of computer models, are also included in this extensive report.

National Research Council (NRC)


National Academies Press: Washington D.C.