NAMA Facility: Monitoring and Evaluation Framework 2018

Sadie S

This document emphasizes the importance of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for individual NAMA Support Projects (NSP) and managing the overall NAMA Facility, for reporting implementation progress, and for ongoing learning and improvement processes. This framework provides instructions and guidance for project managers on how to set up their NSP-specific Monitoring & Evaluation schemes.

This document describes:

  • the NAMA Facility’s overall Theory of Change (ToC);
  • the deliverables and timetables for reports and evaluations;
  • risks and risk monitoring;
  • the NAMA Facility logframe;
  • the key features of the NAMA Facility M&E framework at the NSP level.

The annexes provide relevant templates, presentation tools and detailed guidance on how to define and collect data for monitoring and reporting on the five mandatory core indicators.*

NAMA Facility, Technical Support Unit

2018 (2nd Edition)

*Description adapted from the introduction of the document