Developing national adaptation monitoring and evaluation systems: A guidebook

Sadie S

A guide to decision-making regarding the purpose, design, operationalization, and use of results of an appropriate system for national M&E of adaptation. Leads the reader through a series of questions to help identify practical steps towards the adoption of a national adaptation M&E system that best suits a given country. Content is divided into four interrelated building blocks: (1) understanding the context of the M&E system, (2) identifying the content to monitor, (3) designing a process for operationalisation and (4) deciding how to present results through products that will respond to the purpose of the M&E system. Based on examples from countries that have recently or are currently developing national adaptation M&E systems. Available in English, French and Spanish.

Price-Kelly H, Hammill A, Dekens J, Leiter T, Olivier J


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH