Australian ERF: Estimating sequestration of carbon in soil using default values

Sadie S

The Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative, CFI) Act 2011 allows farmers and landholders to earn carbon credits by sequestering soil carbon (C) in pasture, crops or mixed farming system soils. GHG abatement is achieved either by reducing or avoiding emissions or by removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in soil or vegetation. This method introduces management practices to increase C soil storage and account for the amount of C stored. Project management activities included in this methodology include:

  1. sustainable intensification that required management actions (nutrient management, new irrigation, managing soil acidity or pasture renovation);
  2. stubble retention, crop residue previously removed is retained in the field; and
  3. conversion of cropland to pasture (land continuously used for cropping is permanently converted to pasture).

The benefits of increasing soil carbon might include higher crop yields, better pasture, reduced erosion, and improved soil health.

Australia: Department of the Environment and Energy