American Carbon Registry: Rice Management Systems Methodology

Sadie S

“The American Carbon Registry has approved the Methodology of Voluntary Emission Reductions in Rice Management Systems. It is applicable to Agricultural Land Management (ALM) project activities involving a change in cultivation practices. The methodology was developed by Terra Global Capital LLC with support from Applied Geosolutions LLC, the Environmental Defense Fund and the California Rice Commission.”

“The methodology is modular in structure, lending itself to applicability in rice-growing regions around the world. The parent methodology provides definitions, applicability criteria, project boundary definition, baseline and additionality requirements, quantification methods, monitoring and verification requirements, and uncertainty calculations for all modules. The methodology defines Rice-Growing Regions, geographic regions in which the climate and rice management practices are relatively homogeneous, and over which the DNDC model (the main quantification tool in this methodology) is calibrated and validated.”

Terra Global Capital


American Carbon Registry & Winrock International