Inventory practice: QA and verification in Australia’s GHG inventory

Sadie S

Keywords: QA/QC

Australia has applied a variety of methods to review and verify the data, methods and results of its livestock inventory. NIR 2017 reports the following activities have been conducted:

Inventory element assessedMethods for QA/QC or verificationSummary findings
Activity data- Australian Bureau of Statistics has QA/QC procedures
- QA/QC procedures applied in inventory compilation
- Inverse modelling of cattle and sheep populations to ensure consistency with reported populations
- External reviews of data

No apparent bias in sheep numbers, possible differences in cattle numbers were incorporated into uncertainty estimates
Implied emission factorsIEFs were compared with IPCC defaults for the regionHigher dairy cattle IEF can be explained by higher milk yield in Australia than in the IPCC default
Feed intake- Comparison of feed intake estimates with IPCC recommended 1-3% of live weight
- Comparison with feed or energy intake values in other countries’ inventories
Methane conversion rates- Comparison with IPCC values
- Reference to scientific reviews
- Conversion rates consistent with IPCC default
- Inventory values within the range reported in the literature and supported by meta-analysis